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MIKS presents Caparol at the FAF 2016.

(Hamburg, 16.04.2016) MIKS presents Caparol, the leading supplier of architectural paints, for the first time at the FAF 2016 in Munich with a multifaceted and striking fair exhibit. The ca. 700 square meter exhibit was a homage to craft. Under the title “House of Craft” with a division into different living areas, the Hamburg-based agency showcased the comprehensive product range of Caparol impressively, presenting Caparol as a leader in quality and innovation.

The display of the variety of applications and samples highlights the diverse uses of the products, which are known for their colorful elephant logo. “The House of Craft” is more than just a sample exhibition. It invites active exploration. The logically structured area presents the different sections clearly, and gives vivid information about façades, decoration, insulation, acoustics and much more.

The brand presentation, conceived by MIKS, is complemented by detailed integration in social media, an extensive photo campaign and an online 360° virtual tour of the trade fair exhibit. This combination of different communication elements in particular supports the exhibit’s message, and presents the Caparol House of Craft as a multi-layered canvas for the craftsman. The direct sales approach animates the craftsman/woman in each visitor to rediscover and experience the variety of Caparol. “This was a great fair with many highlights,” according to marketing director Oliver Piontkowsky: “We give our sincere thanks to everyone who made this fair a special event with their visit at Caparol. As hosts we are truly pleased that the products and services on view were received so enthusiastically. In the future we will continue to do everything to support specialized craft comprehensively.”

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